P$M – Mercedes | Latest Nepali Hiphop song with Lyrics

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P$M – Mercedes | Latest Nepali Hiphop song 2017 | New York City

Mercedes  is new Nepali hiphop song by P$M from his album The “Resilient” (Knowing yourself is the beginning).

Mercedes has been published on 3 April 2017 with the official videoe on Youtube.

The song features Surendra bastola and Miggy Doll and directed by RJSI. 

Platinum seller beats is the music producer of the song. Mixing and mastering has been done by Robert Brown.

P$M – Mercedes | Latest Nepali Hiphop song 2017 | New York City



Verse 1.

Mercedes Ma pull up hane ko maile. [Skirt-skirt ]

Fresh keto hoppin out lookin all dirty.

Keta haru hating don’t really matter.

Pah! Pah! All I chase after keti and cheddar [[ Money Money]]

Wrist ma Rolex, Versace cha aakha ma

Shawty le vancha laijau na satha ma

Sorry hera tara ma testo parena Nahh !

lookin for the special, tyo Timi parena. Na! na!

Keto ma sojo Tara ho Gangster!

Taile sikeko school ko headmaster

Basera kehi, herera Sikh

gare ko dai le yo dope trick.

[[Shajha bihana money on ma mind, Alwayz on my hustle, gotta shine.

Blowin money fast and I like it And I like it

Don’t really care what they say.blow this money like I don’t care

Grinding till de end of fucking day.Till de end of fucking day.

Verse 2

Dollar on my mind, I’m get it till de death.

Keta haru out here, walking wit the vest

U can’t trust them Sathi ,u can’t trust em.

Keta haru fake here gotta dub em.

don’t really hate em’ ain’t got love for em’

Stunt on tero city, got de city locked on em.

Rolling wit my brothers, always keep it buck wit em’

If they fake bros ain’t puttin ma trust on em’

moving different cities Stacking up the bread.

Haters cause a problem price on their head

m pooping bottle chillin with de model We built it ground up, u remodeled.

Whipping on Lambo All we do is stunt Ta Parris Fake! All u do is run!!

Talking all de shit Show us what ya done?

Tero Kundali thahacha , We noe what u done.

Different city different nights changing locations.

Light, camera, action Movie on a session

Love to my fans All I need is er blessing Fuck it.

All I need is blessing.



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